Welcome! I’m a Melbourne-based writer who, under the pretence of writing novels, sits in Melbourne cafes, creating stories.

My first novel, The Devil’s in the Detail, was released in 2012 and my second novel, Once Upon a Camino, is available now.

Once Upon a Camino

My new novel, Once Upon a Camino, is an adventure set on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, the book explores the paths we take and the regrets which haunt us.

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It was only seven-fifty. The yard was still empty. Donna buttoned up her coat and pulled on her beanie. She passed through the gate and shuffled toward the garden, the contents of her watering can splashing onto the granitic sand beneath her sneakers. Donna’s “garden” was little more than two flowerbeds in the yard’s northwestContinue reading “Pruning.”


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