Welcome to my website! I’m a Melbourne-based writer who, under the pretence of writing novels, sits in Melbourne cafes, creating stories.

My first novel, The Devil’s in the Detail, was released in 2012 and is available, in digital and paperback versions.

My second novel, should be available this year (but in the interests of being open and transparent, I’ve been saying that for the past five years).

The Devil’s in the Detail

When David Shepherd, a middle-aged taxi driver from London, dies in an unexpected accident, he finds his entry to Heaven depends on his life’s adherence to the Ten Commandments.

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I’d never imagined living in an attic. Frank was the only one to come up here – twice a year to fetch and return the Christmas lights. Like everything else, he stopped doing that the year I died. Frank simply sunk deeper into his couch, unable to hear or see me, irrespective of how manyContinue reading “Wallflower.”


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