Writer, novelist, popcorn connoisseur.

I was always an avid reader as a kid. Coupled with a love of cinema, I’d always enjoyed fast-paced, plot-driven stories. In my late teens I was determined to write a screenplay of my own. Unfortunately I seemed to specialise in half-finished screenplays, subconsciously based on Quentin Tarantino films. Perhaps I didn’t have anything of my own to say?

After university, in desperate need of some life experience, I moved to London. Over the next seven years, I travelled around Europe as much as I could, always capturing new ideas (good and bad) in my notebook. In 2009, I proudly submitted my first screenplay – a television pilot of a tough, gritty series called “Mayfair”. I knew it would be successful, unfortunately the BBC didn’t share my enthusiasm.

Returning to Australia, I opened up my notebook and poured over all the ideas I’d jotted down over the years. One of them, a cab driver’s trial to see whether he goes to Heaven or Hell, jumped out at me. The result was my first novel, The Devil’s in the Detail.

My second novel is currently underway.

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