Once Upon a Camino – Coming in mid-2022

Tom, a 28-year-old investment banker, lives a successful life in London with his girlfriend, Ana. Intending to propose, he secretly flies to Spain, seeking the blessing of Ana’s family. But when her grandfather opposes the marriage, Tom must walk the Camino de Santiago to prove he’ll be the devoted husband he claims to be. And when Tom’s bag and passport are stolen at the journey’s beginning, his 800-kilometre trek across Spain becomes entwined with that of a Spanish pilgrim – Fernando – whose own path to Santiago is haunted by the ghosts of his country’s past.

Once Upon a Camino is a novel about time – how our regrets can impede our dreams. It’s a tale about the signs we follow and ignore, of untrodden paths and unlived lives. A story of following your heart, despite your better judgement – of living your journey, not simply looking ahead to the destination.

The Devil’s in the Detail

When David Shepherd, a middle-aged taxi driver from London, dies in an unexpected accident, he finds his entry to Heaven depends on his life’s adherence to the Ten Commandments.

And so begins the Trial of David Shepherd in the Court of Saint Peter. A court presided over by Angels, prosecuted by Demons and ultimately judged by a soul’s adherence to the Ten Commandments.

The Devil’s in the Detail is a religious satire, for atheists, agnostics and believers alike. It poses questions that we will all one day ponder: How are the actions we take in this life, ultimately judged? What constitutes a good life? What does it really take to pass through the Pearly Gates? As David tries to answer these questions he will discover that sometimes… The Devil’s in the Detail.


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“The Devil’s In The Detail has it all really, action, suspense, pop culture references (I particularly enjoyed the music references while other readers will enjoy the sport in the background) and a nice surprise at the end. At times funny, and at times painfully real and moving, The Devil’s In The Detail is thought provoking regardless of your religious beliefs or thoughts about life after death.”

Carpe Librum


“I felt very comfortable falling straight into Wilson’s world, which contained elements of Christian, Jewish and Buddhist religious traditions as well as some interjections from Dante and Greek mythology, and some wholly original bits and bobs. “

Bookshelf Gargoyle

The author has developed a story that could easily make it to the big screen and the characters are hilarious. All in all, a great read and would recommend to anyone with a sense of humour.”

Great Aussie Reads

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Once Upon a Camino will be available in mid-2022

The Devil’s in the Detail is currently unavailable for sale, but it will return soon.

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