Storm Damage.

As I arrived back at the house, the radio reported the cyclone had made landfall. I fought through the sheets of rain and wrestled the door open. Molly appeared, dressed in pyjamas. ‘Daddy!’ Her battle-cry summoned her younger sister, Hannah, who was followed down the hall by their mother. ‘What are you doing here?’ askedContinue reading “Storm Damage.”


Last month, I participated in Writing Victoria’s Flash Fiction. The premise of the competition is simple: Every day for thirty days, writers are given a different prompt to create a 30-word story. The theme for 2021 was ‘unfold’. Last year was my first time participating, and it was the perfect tonic for dealing with Melbourne’s lockdown. GivenContinue reading “Flash.”

The Gift.

‘What is it?’She stared at the glass bottle, resting on his cracked palm.‘It’s your birthday present.’The girl didn’t react, deciding whether this was another test. He moved his hand closer to her.‘Go on.’She eventually took it and held the bottle up to the brightest part of the ashen sky, peering at the clear liquid within.‘What’sContinue reading “The Gift.”