A little milestone

I think it’s important to celebrate little milestones when you pass them. As such, I’m very happy to report that I passed the 80,000 mark on the novel today. To give some context, that’s the entire length of The Devil’s in the Detail. Does that mean that I’m nearly done? Not quite. It feels as if I’m about 70% through the story and there are still quite a few characters with their personal stories up in the air. It would be the equivalent of leaving David in the canals (Oops, spoiler alert)! I think the story is coming together nicely though, in the same way that a set of Ikea drawers eventually takes shape (Note: writing a novel is MUCH easier than assembling a set of Ikea drawers).

In other news, I’m attending the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne this weekend. It should be a cool couple of days and looking forward to meeting some other local writers and picking their brains on all things writing.

Thanks again for people’s continued kind words about The Devil’s in the Detail. The word of mouth recommendations and reviews you’ve been posting in Amazon have been awesome.

So I’ll let you know how the conference goes and I hope that you and your friends, families have had their own kind of milestone this week. If so, then give yourself a little pat on the back and set yourself the next one. Take care.

¿Dónde he estado?

Or as we say in English, “Where have I been?”! I must confess that with my second novel features so many Spanish characters, it’s often hard to switch back to my Australian way of thinking.

I’m conscious that it’s been several weeks since my last update and I thought it prudent that I checked in for a quick visit (websites are similiar to gyms in that regard).

So what’s been happening? In a word… Writing! Tonight I’ve just finished Chapter 16 of the second novel and I’m quite pleased with how the story is coming along. It still amazes me how attached I seem to get to the characters in my novels. Writing this book about the Camino de Santiago, I truly feel that I’m right there in Spain, walking the path toward Santiago with them.

To aid this, I’ve been immersing myself in all things Spanish: I’ve been reading Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and switched to drinking Rioja. But probably the most effective trigger to get into the Spanish way of thinking has been listening to some Spanish music. Check out the video below for a little dose of the type of tune I’ve been listening to while writing at the moment (as well as some sweet footage of Camaron rocking a pink jumper while on holiday in Paris!). I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m absolutely loving it at the moment and my Melbourne apartment is starting to sound like a Sevillan bar at present.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and I’m looking forward to sharing more details with you about the second novel in the next few months.

Adios / Bye

Carpe Librum: Review & Interview

So today I received some exciting news. The Devil’s in the Detail has been reviewed by a fantastic book blogging site, Carpe Librum (seize the book, for those amongst you have allowed their Latin to wane).

Carpe Librum is lovingly written by Tracey, who has a passion for reading, writing and literature in general. I was lucky enough to meet Tracey at the Federation Square book market in January and after a couple of e-mails back and forward, she agreed to read and review The Devil’s in the Detail.

Carpe Librum reviews lots of books, both independently published and on the best selling lists, so it’s been a nervous wait for my very first review from an independent, objective reviewer.

Click here to see what Tracey thought of The Devil’s in the Detail.

In addition to the review, Tracey wanted to meet up for a coffee and an interview. It was a lot of fun to give her an insight into my writing process, discussing the importance of music in my writing and also showing her some of my early notes, scribbled away in an old notebook. Check out the full interview here and if you are looking for some good recommendations for your next book to read, Carpe Librum has plenty of great suggestions.

A reminder that you can write your very own review of The Devil’s in the Detail by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of Carpe Librum.