And the winner is…

Well after 2 weeks of reviewing proposals, reviewing revisions to proposals and reviewing revisions-to-revisions to proposals, I’m excited to announce I’ve selected the cover design for The Devil’s in the Detail.

Many thanks to everyone for their advice and tips. I was relieved that the majority vote from the focus group came to the same decision that I had. Ultimately I selected the design that I think shares the novel’s playful, cheeky tone and I’m really pleased with it. It’s definitely exceeded my expectations.

I hope to have a release date for the novel soon. For the tech-savvy boffins among us, I’ll be releasing it in a multitude of digital formats.  For those that haven’t yet embraced e-readers (i.e. Me), I’ll also be offering it in a good, old-fashioned printed version as well. Stay tuned for more.

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