We shall endure.

I’m not overly blessed with patience. Whether it be waiting for a film I REALLY want to see (and yes, I do mean the Dark Knight Rises) or waiting for a delicious home-cooked meal to finish cooking …. I generally hate to wait. So I think the waiting for The Devil’s in the Detail to finally be released is possibly the hardest wait I’ve ever had to endure.

The good news is that all of the “post-production” is now finished, including the creation of the ePub file for eReaders (with special thanks to Rachel Amphlett for some tips). I’ve tested it on Kobo, iPad and Kindle and it looks great. I’m edging ever closer to the launch, so stay tuned for details.

In the mean time, I’ve tried to pour my energy into my second novel. Although I’m slightly behind my target of 10,000 words per week, I have reached my first milestone of 20,000 words. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from finishing a novel now, and am trying to learn from the mistakes I made last time. The single biggest difference is that this time I am not going to skip over any “hard” chapters or scenes to write. I did this last time in a bid to keep the words flowing, and ultimately it lead to me having to do so many re-writes to make it all fit together. Writing it chronologically can be tough, but my new novel’s story is all about enduring.

So, like my characters, I too must endure.

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