Haiku review from the Bookshelf Gargoyle

Two posts in two weeks – this is becoming spam! Just a quick note to share a very nice review I received for The Devil’s in the Detail from the lovely Bookshelf Gargoyle. The review contains a review in Haiku format, which is surprisingly the first haiku review my work has ever received (and dare I say, the best). Click here to check it out.

So it’s now been 465 days since the release of DITD. Isn’t it a little late to be submitting the novel for reviews? In some ways, it’s like newspaper running a review for Avatar (Did I just compare my novel with one of the most successful films of all time? Ok, ok – how about Gigli?).

But the truth is, reviews like this are really important for independent writers like me. They help to get the message out to potential new readers, they give us constructive feedback on where we might improve and they give us a warm and fuzzy feeling when we get it right. This particular review has made my day.

I’m excited to have started my second draft of my second novel. I have re-written Chapter 1 (several times last week actually) and think I’ve finally got my protagonist right where I want them!

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