Part 2: Launch.

Twelve years after completing the Camino de Santiago, my novel inspired by my hike across Spain is finally available to read.

Once Upon a Camino is an adventure set upon the ancient pilgrimage across Spain known as the Way of Saint James. It tells the story of Tom, a 28-year-old investment banker, who must walk across the country to receive the blessing of his girlfriend’s family before proposing. Upon commencing the Camino, Tom’s plans further unravel – his backpack mysteriously disappears, and his phone loses its signal. And when all the other hikers seemingly vanish, Tom makes a discovery that changes everything. Suddenly pursued by the authorities, Tom’s only path home to his girlfriend is alongside a motley band of pilgrims bound for Santiago – among them a reclusive fisherman named Fernando, who carries his own dark secret.

Once Upon a Camino is a novel about time. It focuses on past regrets and untrodden paths. It’s a story of friendship and connection, of following your heart, despite your better judgement. It’s written for those who’ve walked the path to Santiago and others who simply enjoy life’s unpredictable journey and the strangers we meet along the way.

The story is based on my own travels through Spain (I wrote about it in Part 1: Inspiration). Ultimately, I wanted to tell a story that captured the unique sense of adventure and camaraderie I’d experienced on the Camino. I also wanted to try and tell some of Spain’s fascinating history.

One hope for this book is that it might one day find an audience among those making their way to Santiago, perhaps even a topic of conversation between a pair of strangers around a dinner table in a hostel along the Way. But the novel is for everyone, not those who’ve walked the Camino. It contains themes for all. As Carpe Librum so kindly wrote in their review:

Once Upon A Camino is a story about love, courage, friendship, regret, fate and destiny and was beautifully told.

Carpe Librum

Once Upon a Camino is available in paperback or eBook at several retailers. Click here for more information about where to read it.

I hope you enjoy it.


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