Font counts.

Ever since University, I’ve proclaimed to anyone that cared to listen (which, unsurprisingly, wasn’t many) that “Font counts”. For years I’ve been of the opinion that the font you select is crucial. Whether it be for a resume (Arial of course), a kid’s birthday party (why not try Comic Sans?) or a script (don’t even think of not using Courier), the type of font you use says a lot about your work.

And never has this been truer than formatting the novel. With the final proof-read done (hoorah!), I’ve been spending time on the final formatting of the paperback. This in itself has been really finicky. Sleep has been difficult with the following questions firing in my mind:

1. Is the outside margin narrow enough to avoid any words falling off the page?

2. Is the inner margin wide enough to prevent the start of sentences being hidden in the depths of the spine?

3. Should I have a glossy or a matte finish to the cover?

4. What does one write in the ‘About the Author’ section?

5. Should the first letter of the chapter be bigger than the rest?

6. Just how does the point scoring system for the Tour de France actually work?

Luckily, I’ve answered the first five questions and have submitted my work to the printers to receive a proof copy of the paperback. Very, very excited. Stay tuned for the ‘unboxing’ when it arrives!

PS: If anyone knows how the Tour de France scoring works, hit me up.

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