Absolute (White) Gold

With The Devil’s in the Detail coming out in less than a month, many of my friends and colleagues have asked me about the actual process of self-publishing. There are several great articles on what’s involved, but sadly many of them cater to an American audience. I reached out to the Australian Writers Marketplace website for advice, but again – came up blank.

Enter Rachel Amphlett.

Rachel is a Queensland-based author who published her first novel, White Gold, last year. After checking out her website, I e-mailed her on a whim for any insight she might be able to offer on self-publishing. What she came back with was absolute gold! Not only did she point me towards a print-on-demand service that was perfect for my needs, but in the past few months she’s offered me invaluable advice on the marketing and launch of my book. It’s fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas off.

For those that enjoy a good thriller, I can recommend Rachel’s White Gold. It’s an ecological thriller that plays out across the globe, with our heroes uncovering a murky plot that spans from London to Brisbane. If you are in need of an exciting action adventure, with a twist, then do yourself a favour and pick up a copy here.

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