So recently I stumbled upon a website / app called ‘Good Reads’. I’m usually very late with such discoveries (reference the awkward moment when I told everyone about the ‘new’ discovery of the song ‘Somebody that I used to know’ by Gotye a year after everyone else), so I’m sure you are all over it already.

But for those that aren’t, it’s an awesome site that allows you to keep a track of the books that you want to read, currently reading or have read already. It’s as if this site was created just for me, as I’m usually the guy that stands in the doorway of a book shop racking my brains for the name of that book that my friend recommended or that I read about in the newspaper. It’s also cool because you can see what your friends are reading and what they recommend.

Thanks to GoodReads, I now have a bunch of books flagged as ‘to read’, so whenever I finish a book I am able to select my next read straight away. I highly recommend for avid readers who lose track of the books that they want to read.

Hope to see you on there.

Click here to see my GoodReads page

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