Carpe Librum: Review & Interview

So today I received some exciting news. The Devil’s in the Detail has been reviewed by a fantastic book blogging site, Carpe Librum (seize the book, for those amongst you have allowed their Latin to wane).

Carpe Librum is lovingly written by Tracey, who has a passion for reading, writing and literature in general. I was lucky enough to meet Tracey at the Federation Square book market in January and after a couple of e-mails back and forward, she agreed to read and review The Devil’s in the Detail.

Carpe Librum reviews lots of books, both independently published and on the best selling lists, so it’s been a nervous wait for my very first review from an independent, objective reviewer.

Click here to see what Tracey thought of The Devil’s in the Detail.

In addition to the review, Tracey wanted to meet up for a coffee and an interview. It was a lot of fun to give her an insight into my writing process, discussing the importance of music in my writing and also showing her some of my early notes, scribbled away in an old notebook. Check out the full interview here and if you are looking for some good recommendations for your next book to read, Carpe Librum has plenty of great suggestions.

A reminder that you can write your very own review of The Devil’s in the Detail by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of Carpe Librum.

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