New beginnings.

Well this is awkward, it’s been a while.

I know I said my second novel was “75% done” and that was five years ago (Ok, six years ago). And I know all of you have done your part, The Devil’s in the Detail saw a resurgence in sales in 2019, solely based on your word-of-mouth recommendations. But the fact is, I’ve been busy. Be honest – so have you.

The good news (and I think we could all do with some good news lately), is I’ve devoted the first three months of this year to working on my writing and some other business ideas, taking my first break from corporate life in over ten years. When I revisited my second novel and reviewed what I’d written, it had some good parts, but much of it was sketchy at best, with some glaring gaps in the story. At its core – I didn’t really believe the characters I’d written.

Seeking inspiration, I joined Writers Victoria and attended two excellent classes at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. Diving Deeper into Character, by Annabel Smith, focussed on how to make three-dimensional characters really come to life by using different techniques to describe them. Goals, Motivation & Conflict, by Alli Sinclair looked at defining believable goals/quests for my characters and putting conflicts and tension in their way. Both sessions were extremely insightful, helping me to finish my novel’s synopsis and re-start my first draft (Chapters 1 to 10 have been completely re-written). If anyone is interested in attending classes at Writers Victoria (or trying to do some writing in the break), let me know and I’ll happily offer some advice if you’d like.

During such an unprecedented time in our lives, I hope everyone is safe and well, staying connected with friends and family and trying to be positive, where possible.

Now with the website updated, I’d best get back to the book. It’s 75% done, you know.

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