This month, Writers Victoria has been running an initiative called Flash Fiction, which asks writers to create 30-word stories, every day in April, using a specific word-of-the-day. The words all relate to a central theme of “Focus”.

For example, when confronted with the words converge and sharp, I submitted the following two stories.

I’ve loved participating, finding it a fun way to warm-up for a day’s writing, as well as giving me a chance to temporarily leave my second novel (just for 10-15 minutes!) and delve into other genres and create new characters.

If you’d like to see all my submissions, you can check them out on my Twitter feed (feel free to subscribe, while you’re there).

For anyone wanting to try, give it a go! Write a 30-word (or less) story using the word moonlight.

You can add your story by clicking Leave a Reply at the bottom of this page, Facebook comments or Twitter replies. Can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Take care, M.

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