Coming soon, to a cinema near you

Ok, Ok – perhaps not a cinema near you, but I’ve just launched the trailer to The Devil’s in the Detail. Check it by clicking here.

A trailer for a book, I hear you ask? That’s right. I’ll confess to loving film trailers/previews. Whenever I go to the cinema, I always ensure that I am there early to see the trailers. I think a good trailer can give you a real insight into what the story is all about, as well as offering a glimpse at the style and tone of the picture.

So I wondered if I could do something similiar for my novel.

Without a film budget at my disposal, I started tinkering with the idea of some black and white photographs being displayed, with the premise of the novel mapped out to the viewer. It was coming along quite well, but there was something missing.


I had a clear idea of the music that I wanted to accompany the trailer, and consulted my friend Michael who runs a little audio company called Pinstripe Audio. Pinstripe specialise in creating music which is specifically tailored to your needs and requirements. They then offer their own thoughts and ideas. What resulted is a rendition of George Bizet’s ‘L’amour est un oiseau rebelle’ with a twist. I absolutely love the work Michael was able to do, and would highly recommend Pinstripe Audio for all of your audio needs!

I hope that, like a good film preview, the trailer wets your appetite for the novel. It’ll be available very, very soon.

Their are too errors in the title of this blog.

As the title of this blog suggests, I’m firmly in proof-reading mode at the moment. I’m looking for typos everywhere: in the newspaper while on the tram, on menus in restaurants, and of course in my novel. Although I’ve read, re-read and read the novel again since it’s been edited, there are still some cheeky typos hidden right in front of my nose (a very unfortunate one where “six months” appeared as “sex months”)! Luckily I’ve enlisted the editing help of some esteemed colleagues who have been tremendous in helping me spot the last remnants. It’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can offer.

As the weather turns cold here in Melbourne, I reflected on the day that I “finished” writing The Devil’s in the Detail. It was the day after New Year’s Day and it was a sweltering 40 degrees Celcius. After typing the last line, I didn’t quite know what to do or who to tell. I decided to celebrate with a dinner and a solitary drink at the local pub and eventually slid into bed exhausted. Exhausted, but finished!

Or so I thought.

How wrong I was to think I’d really finished. After multiple rounds of editing, searching for an agent, trying to get a publisher and eventually confronting the world of self-publishing, the “post-production” of the novel has been every part as difficult as actually writing it. In many ways, the last six months have been the steepest part of the journey, but I’m pleased to report that I can finally see the summit!

So with the final proof-read almost done, and a printing company secured, I’m excited to announce that in coming weeks I’ll be able to announce details on the release of The Devil’s in the Detail in paperback and eBook. So stay tuned to my Facebook page or at Twitter (is there any truth to the rumour that they are merging into one site called TwitFace?) for details.

And the winner is…

Well after 2 weeks of reviewing proposals, reviewing revisions to proposals and reviewing revisions-to-revisions to proposals, I’m excited to announce I’ve selected the cover design for The Devil’s in the Detail.

Many thanks to everyone for their advice and tips. I was relieved that the majority vote from the focus group came to the same decision that I had. Ultimately I selected the design that I think shares the novel’s playful, cheeky tone and I’m really pleased with it. It’s definitely exceeded my expectations.

I hope to have a release date for the novel soon. For the tech-savvy boffins among us, I’ll be releasing it in a multitude of digital formats. ¬†For those that haven’t yet embraced e-readers (i.e. Me), I’ll also be offering it in a good, old-fashioned printed version as well. Stay tuned for more.