And the winner is…

Well after 2 weeks of reviewing proposals, reviewing revisions to proposals and reviewing revisions-to-revisions to proposals, I’m excited to announce I’ve selected the cover design for The Devil’s in the Detail.

Many thanks to everyone for their advice and tips. I was relieved that the majority vote from the focus group came to the same decision that I had. Ultimately I selected the design that I think shares the novel’s playful, cheeky tone and I’m really pleased with it. It’s definitely exceeded my expectations.

I hope to have a release date for the novel soon. For the tech-savvy boffins among us, I’ll be releasing it in a multitude of digital formats.  For those that haven’t yet embraced e-readers (i.e. Me), I’ll also be offering it in a good, old-fashioned printed version as well. Stay tuned for more.

Always judge a book by its front cover.

I once read Matthew Reilly say that “anyone that has said you don’t judge a book it’s front cover has never tried to sell one!”. I think there is merit in that.

After a rather frustrating few nights trying to come to grips with Photoshop, I’ve decided to get some help from the experts. CrowdSpring are a web service that allow authors to post their projects online, and creative types from around the world submit their designs.

In the next 14 days, I hope to be receiving dozens (potentially hundreds) of proposals for the cover design. I realised that people haven’t read the novel yet, but I’m keen to make this as interactive as possible, and would welcome people’s comments / feedbacks on which cover catches their eye the most. You can check out the proposals here.

Thanks for your help!

The Devil’s in the… editing.

Well after about 2 years, I’ve just finished my first novel (well the manuscript anyway!). The Devil’s in the Detail is a religious satire that follows one man’s journey through Purgatory, in a legal battle to see whether his soul will be sent to Heaven or Hell. David Shepherd is a 42-year old London cab driver that dies an “everyday hero” – saving a girl from a gang of drunken youths. But what is the criteria for entry to Heaven that we are assessed by when we die? What really defines a good person?

The story weaves the Bible’s Ten Commandments through themes that all of us face each and every day: Love, loss, sin and redemption. The drama is played out in a court trial in the bureaucratic world of Purgatory, with flashbacks over a thirty year period from David’s life in London. Although the novel explores the deep moral quandaries that all of us contemplate at some point in our lives, the novel is injected with a quirky, satirical humour.

With the manuscript complete, it’s now time to find myself an agent and/or publisher. I suspect the hard work starts now!